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First, I assume that the sunglasses are vertically polarized because most glare experienced when driving is from horizontal objects - car roofs, wet roads, lakes, etc - making the reflected light horizontally polarized, so vertical.

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Polarized lenses diminish glare by absorbing and blocking incoming horizontal light, while allowing in vertical light.

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Certain surfaces, such as water, can reflect a great deal of light, and the bright spots can be distracting or can hide objects.Many golfers and fisherman use them for sporting activities, but now polarized sunglasses are becoming one of the most popular lenses, and people are.I purchased a pair of BeBe prescription sunglasses, the tint it dark gray.

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They are different from other glasses on the market since they have a polarizing film that reacts to all light conditions and blocks the phenomenon of blinding glare thus improving visual acuity.

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Many of our polarized clip-on sunglasses have a hinge which allows them to flip up, removing the need to take them off when you need them out of the way for a moment.Hits: 8. We already know that polarized sunglasses are very cool.

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Polarised sunglasses work on the principle of polarised light - simply put, photons (light particles) can vibrate vertically, horizontally or at any other angle.

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I always imagined that polarized sunglasses were polarized vertically, in order to block out reflections from the ground around you.

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Be aware that changing your location while shopping will remove all items from the Shopping Bag.

Shop our amazing collection of polarized prescription sunglasses.

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Think of polarized lenses as a tool for fine-tuning for your vision while wearing sunglasses.

The more protection you have, the better care you are taking of your eyesight.

The Reason Polarized Lenses Cause Crazy Patterns in Car Windows.Answer Polarized sunglasses help reduce the glare from reflected surfaces such as water or metal.

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There is much talk about the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses but do you actually know what they are or what they do.From celeb airport looks to runways, sunglasses are practically everywhere.Polarized sunglasses are perfect for its safety feature to eliminate glare.The best polarized sunglasses are important because glare from reflected light can be annoying, and even worse, may cause pain and damage over time.

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