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If your beauty regimen includes the application of makeup, then you may be interested in the Beauty Blender Sponge as an addition to your cosmetic tools.

Makeup Sponge Blender is latex free, non-allergenic and odor free. x1 Original Beauty Blender.Beauty Blender took the beauty community by storm with the release of the Beauty Blender.

Beauty Blender: Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation

Today I wanted to talk about the new Beauty Blender Bounce foundation.

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A beauty blender or any makeup sponge must ideally be cleaned everyday.You can now start using your beauty blender by either applying your foundation directly onto the large end of it or dotting the foundation onto your face.

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Here Is Everything You Can (and Should) Use a

The Foam Sponges by Eco Tools come in a set of two sponges in different sizes enabling you to create multiple looks.

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Forget your fingers or sharp-edged triangular sponges, these application methods waste makeup and can leave visible streaks.A funny thing happened when Beautyblender introduced its first hot pink pouf of a blending sponge in 2003: our foundation and concealer blending brushes were pushed to the very back of our makeup.I got my Beauty Blender in the mail last week, and even though it was the end of the day, I took off my makeup and got ready to try it right away.

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Next, soak your beauty blender in the soapy water for 30 minutes.

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Makeup lovers everywhere know how fabulous the original beautyblender sponge is.

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Get the hypoallergenic silicone sponge that uses less makeup and lasts a year.

The triangle sponge was part of the first generation of makeup sponges from way back when.

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Top quality latex free, Odor Free, and hypoallergenic makeup blender beauty sponge.

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I get couple of pumps of my favourite foundation on the back of my hand and stipple the product on to my face with a stippling brush and then go over with a wet beauty blender to blend all the product in.They offer a seamless, blended look, can be used wet or dry (even though we recommend using it when moist), and they work for both cream and powder products.The Beauty Blender Sponge: Product Overview and Purchasing Information.

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Marianna emphasizes that the Beauty Blender is great for applying foundation and give it a smooth finish, without making it look cakey or feel heavy.

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Add the lighter foundation to the center and high points of your face.


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